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Release notes

The SaaS platform is continuously updated. For each first of the month we summarize the results in a release note for a better overview. For all Managed customers, the functionalities will be made available at the end of each month.

Version 2020-10

Core platform

  • First basic version of the component for automated topology recognition is now introduced. ⇾ With this service we mark a new milestone for the platform. Be curious!
  • Added topology filter functionality in instance viewer.
    • Dynatrace management-zone topology
    • Dynatrace application topology
    • Further application scenarios of the new topology recognition will follow in the next months.
  • Governance & compliance solution
    • Redesign of governance & compliance result view.
    • Add filter option for rules, category, severity and topology.
    • Extensive performance improvements for the rule checks of the governance & compliance solution.
  • Extend data analysis functionality:
    • Added CSV export functionality in data analysis.
    • Added beautifying functionality in data analysis.
  • The associated events are now displayed in the instance history.
  • Performance and stability improvements of operation diary.


  • The OneImporter can now run as a Linux service (systemd). So the OneImporter can start automatically after a reboot.
  • The File importer now supports property and configuration files (.properties, .config, .conf, .cfg, .cnf, .cf, .ini)
  • The following new importers are now available:
    • DataDog importer provides instances from a DataDog environment.
    • Instana importer provides instances from an Instana environment.
    • Microsoft Azure importer provides instances from a Microsoft Azure subscription.


  • All node.js runtime environments (microservices and OneImporter) have been updated to version 12.18.4 for IT security reasons

Version 2020-09

Core platform

  • The dashboard now shows the total number of instances and changes.
  • In inventory analysis report configurations can now be saved and shared with other users.
  • The filter function in operation diary has been revised with regard to stability.
  • Events that have occurred are also displayed directly in the instance history viewer at the change.
  • The number of topology elements in the instance history viewer has been reduced to optimize usability and performance.
  • For each OneImporter, the overview now also shows the data of the OneImporter execution environment and the process ID for a better overview.


  • The OneImporter CPU and memory footprint have been drastically optimized so that a minimal impact is felt on the running computer (0.5% CPU usage, 200 MB RAM).
  • In the SSL certificate importer you can now specify time thresholds for the validity of the SSL certificate. The result is a boolean value. This simplifies rule-based verification.
  • The database schema importer now additionally supports the collection of views and indices.
  • The following new importers are now available:
    • Host importer provides information about CPUs, RAM, network devices, mounted disks, operating system and environment variables.
    • Folder importer provides information about folder structure and contained files.
    • Generic REST API importer provides instances from application with an open REST API. This means that it is not always necessary to implement a separate importer for each application itself.
  • The installation, start and stop commands for in the OneImporter Wizard have been optimized to reduce misuse by the end user.