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Release strategy delivers product releases on a rolling release basis. This means that there is a continuous development thread and no patches are provided for specific releases (major+minor).

The SaaS platform is continuously updated with new features and bug fixes. Managed customers are recommended to update their instances at the beginning of each new month.

AI-based content updates are offered daily to Managed customers and are highly recommended as they impact the product lifecycle and security assessment results.

Releases are identified by major and minor. Major always represents the year and minor the month. The release also includes an ascending patch level (e.g. 2023.02.13956).

Support offers support during the week from 9 am to 5 pm and 24x7 support for a fee.

For support, please use the comment function integrated in the web interface or the support phone number provided.

Please note that support is only for handling cases where there are functional and non-functional defects or security issues in the context. The support is not intended for conceptual or technical advice!


The updateability of a version is supported for 6 months.