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Hetzner Cloud integration can import, historize and process monitoring data from Hetzner Cloud.

Supported entities

Following entities form the Hetzner Cloud environment can be imported:

Entity Added Modified Removed Annotation
Action relations started, finished, resources (error)
Server created, server-type, datacenter, image, outgoing_traffic, ingoing_traffic, (iso), (deprecated)
Network created
Floating IP
ISO (deprecated)
Image created, deprecated (bound_to), (image_size)
SSH key created
Datacenter location
Price model instance id = 'price-model'


You can find the configuration option in under Settings > Integration > Hetzner Cloud.

The following configuration parameters are required:

  • Hetzner Cloud
    • API URL plus API version (default is
    • API token
    • Project name of the API token. It is necessary to store several Hetzner Cloud projects in the environment.
  • Selection of the entities being imported see supported entities
  • Import frequency

Hetzner Cloud Console

An API token for the Hetzner Cloud integration is required to access your Hetzner Cloud environment.

You can find the configuration option in the Hetzner Cloud Console. Choose a project and go to Access > API-Tokens to create a new API token.

Make sure to copy the token, because it will not be shown to you again. A token is bound to a project, in order to interact with the API of another project you have to create a new token inside the project.