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Governance, compliance & risk

The solution governance, compliance & risk allows you to validate whether the gathered CIs and their changes comply with your governance, compliance and risk requirements based on predefined or client-specific rules.

This solution documents any rule violation as well as its correction including the exact time of both occurrences. Thereby, you know exactly when your system is in compliance with your relevant requirements. It is possible to import individual rules and rule sets into

Governance, compliance & risk ruleset

Image: governance, compliance & risk ruleset

The governance, compliance & risk viewer lists all relevant information about the rules and rule sets that are validated. Any rule violation is prominently marked by red color. You can track the exact beginning and end of a rule violation in a timeline. With this detailed data record you are well-prepared for internal or external audits.
A circle diagram shows the segmentation of all rule violations according to pre-defined rule types. On the bottom of the viewer you find a list with all important data on one single rule violation including a link to the CI that is affected by the violation.

Governance, compliance & risk ruleset violations and notifications

Image: governance, compliance & risk ruleset violations and notifications