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Check_MK integration can import, historize and process monitoring data from Check_MK.

Supported entities

Entity Added Modified Removed Annotation
Host (packages)
Problem (svc_state_age) svc_check_age problemId = sha1(host + svc_state_age + .svc_state_age + service_description)
User userName password, automation_secret


You can find the configuration option in under Settings > Integration > Check_MK.

The following configuration parameter are required:

  • Check_MK instance
    • API URL (example https://my-check-mk/cmk/check_mk/)
    • User name
    • Secret
  • Selection of the entities being imported see supported entities
  • Import frequency


A user with an automation secret (similar to a token) for the Hetzner Cloud integration is required to access the Check_MK API.

Check_MK offers the concept of the automation user. These users are intended exclusively for remote control and do not permit normal GUI logins. Authorisation is achieved using specific variables in the URL.

An automation user is created like a normal user, but instead of a password it receives an automation secret. This can be defined manually or can be generated automatically with the randomising die.

Configure a Check_MK automation user with a secret token for integration

Just like a normal user, an automation user has a role and can also be a contact. With these you can thus restrict its permissions and visibility of hosts and services as required.

When opening websites automatically, you enter the following additional variables in the URL:

  • _username the automation user's ID
  • _secret the user's Automation secret