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API fundamentals

UTC timestamp format internally uses the 13-digit format (millisecond) of the coordinated world time (UTC, Unix Timestamp)

Based on the user-specific time zone setting, the UTC is displayed in the web interface.

Request throttling

Read access to the API is free of charge on a fair use model.

API access is limited to 50 requests per minute in the SaaS environment. When you reach the limit, your requests return the response code 429.

There is no rate limit for Managed installations.

Response codes

Unless otherwise specified, the following response codes are used:

Code Short description Description
200 OK. The request is successful.
400 Bad request. The request has failed. The body of the response provides additional details.
401 Unauthorized. The token authentication has failed. Check to see if your token has the required permissions.
404 Not found. The requested resource is not found in your environment. Check if your input is correct.
429 Too many requests. You have reached the limit of API usage.