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API overview

Use the API to import data, automate tasks, build integration for third-party products or export data for reporting or analysis. API communication ensures safety by using secured communication via the HTTPS protocol and API token.

Please note that we have not yet released all API for use by end customers. An existing link indicates that the API functionality has been released and documented. If you are interested in an API, please contact us via the feedback function in

  • Basics
  • Authentification
  • Fundamentals
  • Solutions
  • Configuration items (CI, instances, changes)
    • Write and read configuration items
    • Search configuration items
    • Determine topologies
    • Manage CMDB configurations (entity, entity groups, importer)
  • Governance & compliance
    • Get rule violations
    • Get rule notifications
    • Manage governance & compliance rules
  • Cost allocation
    • Initiate a billing process
    • Get billing data
    • Manage pricing models
  • Business process & job monitoring
    • Get master, variant and instance data from processes
    • Get processes metrics
    • Manage pricing models
  • Environment settings
    • Manage user and user rights
    • Manage API token
  • Server settings
    • Create new environment