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Dynatrace integration can import, historize and process monitoring data from Dynatrace SaaS / Managed.

Supported entities

Entity Added Modified Removed Annotation
Host calculatedMemory, osFullName, osName, osKernelVersion osVersion, toRelationships.isSiteOf lastSeenTimestamp
Process - software.type lastSeenTimestamp
Process group - - lastSeenTimestamp
Service - toRelationships.calls lastSeenTimestamp
Application - - lastSeenTimestamp
Anomaly-detection-configuration displayName - metadata.clusterVersion for application, database, host, vmware, service, AWS
Management zone - - metadata.clusterVersion
Maintenance - - -
Threshold - - -
Event - - -
Problem comments - -
Token - - -
Synthetic location - - -
Synthetic node - - -
Token - thresholdId -


You can find the configuration option in under Settings > Integration > Dynatrace.

The following configuration parameter are required:

  • Dynatrace
    • API URL (default is
    • API token
  • Selection of the entities to be imported see supported entities
  • Import frequency

Dynatrace SaaS / Managed can import, historize and process monitoring data from Dynatrace SaaS / Managed. An API token is required to access your Dynatrace Tenant.

The following permissions are required to import the corresponding entities from Dynatrace to

Permission Group Entities
Access problem and event feed,
metrics and topolgy
Topology Host
Process group
Anomaly detection configuration Application
Environment Event
Read configuration Anomaly detection configuration AWS
Configuration Management zone
Configure maintenance windows Configuration Maintenance
Read synthetic monitors, locations
and nodes
Environment Synthetic location
Synthetic node
Token management Environment Token

The following graphic shows an example configuration of an API token in Dynatrace:

Configure a Dynatrace API Token for integration