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Mission control


With Mission Control, supports its customers in the operation and maintenance of managed instances (on-premise). The use of this service is optional and can be deactivated in the server settings.

How it works Mission Control is activated by default after a new installation. The installed server instance sends and receives data from Mission Control. Mission Control does NOT send data to the server instance. Mission Controll architecture

Figure: Mission Controll architecture

What data is sent to the Mission Control and for what reason:

What data? Why?
Installed versions of components Notification of software updates and monitoring of support status
Server and environment identification IDs Creation of environment-specific subscriptions
Health check info of server (CPU and RAM usage), micro services and messaging queues Proactive support for technical problems
Subsciption usage of each environment Optimising the scope of subscriptions, avoiding overuse and enabling billing
Requests for new user experience optimizations and product functionality as well as messages for malfunctions Customer interaction