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Setup OneImporter

The OneImporter provides ready-to-use data import integrations for specific product solutions, cloud platforms and technologies.

Execution variants and prerequisites

The OneImporter can be executed as a Docker container or a Node.js process.

  • Docker and Docker-Compose (see install script)
  • Node.js is included in the OneImporter installer.

Please note that the file importer only works when running the OneImporter as a Node.js process.

Supported OS types

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat
  • CentOS
  • Windows (in planning)

Installation, startup, status & shutdown

All necessary steps to install, run, terminate the OneImporter are supported by a wizard in the web interface.

It is only necessary to select your desired configurations in the first step and the wizard then displays all necessary calls including the call parameters. The calls can be executed in a command line of the operating system. All that is required is authorization to execute Docker Containers or Node.js applications.

Figure: OneImporter install and startup, shutdown wizard

Following configuration parameter can be used to install, startup and shutdown the OneImporter:

Parameter Description
Operating System Operating system on which the OneImporter is to run
Variant Execution variant for the OneImporter (Docker oder Node.js process).
CA validation The Certificate Authority check can be disabled if self-generated SSL certificates are used in the server.
Debug mode Extends the output of debug information.
Table: OneImporter configuration parameter