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Privacy policy

Why, which and how processes personal data

Last update: 10-10-2021

This document describes how personal data is collected and used as well as stored and deleted in the context of using tries to collect only data that is essential for the general, comfortable and adit-proof use of

What data is collected?

For each user of a dedicated user has to be created. The following data will be stored in for this purpose:

  • Creation date of the user.
  • First and last name (same as username)
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Activated or deactivated user status
  • Last login to
  • Notification preferences
    • Security alerts
    • Release information
    • Product news
  • Default environment to load after login
  • User GUI mode
    • Standard
    • Expert
  • Free level environments
  • Assigned user roles
  • Personalized API token
  • Last modifiere for each configuration
  • Event

How is the data collected?

Personal data is collected as follows:

  • The data is initially collected when the user is created in the administration console.
  • Each time the user login, the 'last login date' attribute is updated.
  • The customer has the possibility to adjust a part of the attributes under user settings to his personal needs.
  • A user creates personalized API tokens in the application interface.
  • An administrator of a environment assigns roles to a user.
  • An user change a configuration.
  • A user performs activities, which are subject to auditability (create/delete user, delete customer specific content).

What is the data needed for?

Personal data is collected to enable the following functionalities and services:

  • User login to the application.
  • Limiting the scope of functions for users
  • Optimizing the usability of the application interface
  • Information notification to the user
  • Automatic deactivation of users when not using the application
  • Ensuring audit compliance

How is the data stored?

Personal data is stored in a database of the application

Who has access to the data?

Personal data can be accessed by the user himself, environment administrators, application system administrators and application system administrators.

Role Access to data
user first name, last name, password, GUI mode, default environment, notification preferences environment administrator Access and rights to a environment platform administrator User activation and deactivation
System administrator operating system level All data

Name and e-mail address, if any, will be transmitted to e-mail, chat or other notification systems in the context of notifications.

How can the data be deleted?

The user data can not be deleted but only deactivated for revision security reasons. In it must be traceable which user has changed configuration or deleted transaction data at which time.