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Setup business process & job monitoring

You can individualize your process mining model in environment settings under the heading Business process and job models.

On the top you can determine the name of the process model and the process color. By defining the parameters under monitoring configurations automatically derives the process steps from all changes of an instance. The monitoring configurations are divided into mandatory details and optional details.

The following configurations must be modified:

Name Type Description
Entity required Name of the entity on whose instances the process mining will be performed.
Process step attribute required Name of the attribute of the entity by whose value the process step can be recognized.
Attribute value for the final process step required Attribute value of the final process step with which the process mining can make an assignment to the process variants. This completes the process mining for this instance.
Swimlane optional Name of the attribute of the entity by whose value the actor of the process step can be recognized.
Include swimlane in process variants creation -
Depend on swimlane definition.
Selection option to include the swimlane attribute value in the process variant creation.

Figure: Configuration for business process or job mining