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How to use an HTTP proxy

HTTP proxies have an important role to play in an enterprise IT system architecture. During projects we have learned some important points, which are important for successful implementation:

  • Only use HTTP proxies if the technical expertise is also available.
  • The environment variables for HTTP proxy configuration are to be defined in lowercase letters.
  • OneGate and OneImporter communicate with the platform exclusively via HTTPS protocol.
  • Various modules are active in OneGate and OneImporter, which inventory data from third-party systems via the HTTP(S)-based API (e.g. Hyperscalers). Please remember that this communication then also runs via the HTTP proxy! This can be prevented by specifying it in the no_proxy environment variable. For which importers does this apply:

  • Cloud & hosting importers (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.)

  • Monitoring solution (Dynatrace, Instana etc.)
  • Hyperwiser (VMware vSphere, Proxmox etc.)
  • Palo Alto network devices
  • Kubernetes & container platform
  • Microsoft 365