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Welcome in the world of is a software solution that offers a central asset & configuration item inventory for business and IT, detects their changes and processes them. use cases

Platform capabilities provides the following capabilities for the collection and processing of data. Gain a deep insight into the performance of all aspects of your application environment.

  • Asset & configuration item inventory (CMDB)
  • Change Monitoring
  • Product lifecycle & vulnerability
  • Governance policy compliance (GRC)
  • Cloud & data center control
  • Risk management platform

Deployment models can be deployed either as a SaaS solution or within an on-premises deployment. The on-premises version is referred to as Managed.

SaaS customers only need to install the OneImporter or OneGate (see All about OneImporter & OneGate). Managed customers are to set up their server prior to installing the importer.

Core concepts & glossary

In order to get acquainted with the terms and concepts used within please visit core concepts as well as glossary.